EDDM Postcards

EDDM Print and Mail Services

Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM, is a great option to reach local customers in a cost effective fashion. Select mailing routes near your business, and let us print, prep, bundle, and deliver your postcards.

Key Benefits of EDDM Postcards:

  • No need for a mailing permit
  • No mailing list costs
  • No addressing costs


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List the zip codes and or the carrier routes you would like to mail to. Find this info at USPS EDDM Map

Premium Paper Stocks

We use premium postcard paper stocks, which help you stand out in the mailbox.

Postcard Design Services

Tap into our 40 plus years of experience to design postcards that will generate responses and ROI.

Full Service EDDM

We will print, bundle, prep, and deliver your postcards for you so you can save time and relax.

Free Call Tracking

Use a call tracking number to measure the results of your campaign.


EDDM Postcard Sizes

6.5 x 9 eddm postcards

6.5 x 9 EDDM Postcards

6.5 x 9 EDDM Postcards are the most popular size we have to offer. It's just large enough to qualify for EDDM, and not too big to ruin budgets.

4.5 x 12 eddm postcard

4.5 x 12 EDDM Postcards

4.5 x 12 EDDM postcards are the next most popular option. The uniqueness of the size allows the postcard to really stick out in mailboxes.

8 x 10 eddm postcard

8 x 10 EDDM Postcards

6 x 11 postcards is the largest size for direct mail postcards. Due to uncommon size,there is a greater chance that your postcard will stand out in mailboxes.

EDDM Postcard Printing

Every door direct mail, or EDDM, is a new program offered from the USPS that is great for local businesses. EDDM makes it very easy for businesses to reach local addresses with the use of their carrier route mapping tool. Every door direct mail is a cost effective way to incorporate postcards into your marketing efforts. You do not need to purchase a mailing list, and postage can be as low as $0.163 per piece.

EDDM Printing Options

We offer a great selection of eddm postcard printing options including sizes, paper stock, and finishes. These will help your postcard or mailer stand out in mailboxes with other pieces of mail.

Paper Stock

  • 14pt Card Stock
  • 16pt Card Stock


Postcard Finishes

  • Gloss UV
  • Matte/Dull


EDDM Sizes

  • 4.5 x 12
  • 6.5 x 9
  • 8 x 10
  • 6 x 12
  • 6.5 x 12
  • 8.5 x 11


DIY or Full Service

We have two options for your EDDM postcard projects. The D.I.Y option is we will print, bundle and ship to you. Then you handle the top sheets and final delivery to the USPS. With the Full Service option, we will print, bundle, top sheet, and deliver to the USPS for you.

DIY Option

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Top Sheet  
USPS Delivery  

Full Service Option

  Seattle Mailing You
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Top Sheet  
USPS Delivery